News (10/17/11)

I'm officially closing up shop on this blog. I can't commit to consistent updates, not with all the migraines, vertigo, and allergies that keep kicking my behind every time I think I got a handle on them. I do have work that has to get done, or the bills don't get paid, and that gets precedence.

I've enjoyed things here, and I still am a music junkie. I still like writing reviews, too, even with that little bit of Author Etiquette that says that mum's the word on what you think of others' work, because you don't want to tick off someone you'll have to work with later.

Pfft. I'm a writer. I have the right to write reviews, too, if I so wish.

So. Here's what's gonna happen:

  1. I'm giving up the "About That Song…" name. That domain name will no longer host this blog.
  2. This blog will remain on the original domain (that has always redirected)
  3. I might sometimes review another song for fun or come back and post intermittently.

In other words, I'm no longer going to even try to have a consistent posting schedule. When or if I post again, it'll be a song review, not yet another apology. Such song reviews will be infrequent and intermittent.

Eventually, I hope to set up an independently hosted blog for all my reviews in general and convert everything over. I used to have more reviews over on before they changed their item directory and got rid of the items I'd reviewed.

We'll see what happens.


"Castle Down" by Emilie Autumn from Enchant

"If I had another place to go, would you break me? Is it that you know I have no choice but to rebuild again?"

Emilie Autumn's Enchant album has such a fascinating array of songs, all reminiscent of fairy tale settings and most of them about refusing to let someone else define or break you.

The narrator of "Castle Down" has had her "castle"—her dreams or personality—torn down and broken by someone, but she's learning to be strong enough to stand despite it—"Your words won't hurt any longer." It's a hopeful song, with some lovely turns of phrase.

"God" is referenced once, in a place that can bea easily interpreted as a legitimate plea. ("Where are you when I am screaming to my God // What am I coming to?")

Emilie Autumn's voice is… interesting. It's emotional and rough, fitting the rough emotion of the song. Her style, though—I'm hard pressed to describe it. She seems to combine a few vocal styles.

If she does combine vocal styles in her singing, it would fit the rest of what she does. The song's music is a haunting meld of erratic and melodic—sometimes her voice being the accent, and sometimes it being what keeps the flow going. There're piano, strings, occasional echoes—and wind in the background, like it's flowing over the stones of the downed castle.

It's hard to give an overall genre for the song. Emilie Autumn has a gift for taking music elements that you would never expect to be able to work together, and blending them for gorgeous results. This song has classical, pop, and electronica elements—and that's just what I recognize, sounding closest to some of the filk music I've heard.

"Castle Down" is a smooth, fast-paced song, and lovely. If you only like heavier music or slow-paced music, you may want to pass this one by, but otherwise, I suggest you give it a shot.

Lyrics: 5/5
Music: 5/5
Vocal(s): 5/5
Overall: 10/10

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